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Getting Started

Learn how to setup your Global Payments POS devices and start processing transactions quickly.

Login for the First Time

This Initial Setup process contains a few quick and easy steps...

Reset Your Password

Forgot your password? Or just want to use a different password?...

Running a Sale

On the Home Screen of the App, select the Sale or Orders button. Your Inventory Categories will be on the left. Tap a Category to reveal the items within that Category. Items can be selected and added to the cart.

Set Up Your Items

The Library Page is designed to give you a full visual display of the inventory of Items and Services for your business. It also makes it easy for you to manage each of your Categories, Subcategories, Groups and Items. The Item Library allows you to Add a

How to Add an Item

To add an Item to the Item Library, start by clicking Items in the Navigation Menu on the left side of the screen, and then click Item Library. From the Item Library screen there are two ways to add an Item. The first way is to find an existing Category,

Add Discount

Adding a Discount is a two-step process. In the first step you will enter discount details on the Add Discount page. In the second step you will use the Edit Discount page to finish the Add Discount Process.


Ovation POS’s Invoicing functionality enables merchants to send and track invoices from anywhere. From POS devices or the Back Office, create invoices and collect payment at your counter, desk, or on the go.

Printer Setup Guides

This document applies to both Global Payments Terminal Plus and Global Payments Register. Please follow the instructions to set up and maintain.

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