Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If a payment terminal (not the pos app) crashes, does the merchant have to re-enter the data and card numbers?

Yes. The terminal is a host unto itself. We keep record of the sales it processes, but do not support it as a backup memory.

If you have multiple kitchen printers, how do you connect them without slowing things down or having tons of wire?

An Ethernet hub or switch is recommended when multiple connections need to be used.

How do I purchase another Register?

You may purchase another register by contacting your sales representative.

User Access
 I can’t login; it says “No Registers Available”?

This error occurs when there are no “open” register seats. A support representative would need to either create a new, or open up an existing Register space for the hardware you’re using.

Where do I add more users?

More users may be added in the back-office portal under the Staff section, then the User section, then “add user” button.

How do I change my password, or an employee’s password?

In the portal navigate to Staff section, Users section, then Change Password.

How do you add additional inventory?

If you imported your inventory with a CSV file, and you need to import more, you can just add inventory to your previous list. The system will skip over the items you have already imported, and will accept the new items into the system.

Are item alerts determined by user permission level of login?

No, It is set for the item, and reaches across all level of users.